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Nicola is no stranger to social media, TV, Radio and magazines inspiring thousands globally with her spiritual empowerment and life transformation story of faith, grace and glory. She is full of energy, passion and purpose. Discover what gives her the zeal for God and her zest for life!


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JNN INSIGHT MAY 15, 2019 - NICOLA McFADDEN with michael sharpe

The month of May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. The intentional pursuit of joy is an act of resistance to depression. It brings JOY when you finally get the confidence and courage to you look back and share your story; not from a position of pity, bitterness, unforgiveness… but from a place of power. passion, purpose and victory!

One of the most insightful and inspirational stories was shared on Jamaica News Network (JNN) – Insight when host, Michael Sharpe interviewed bestselling author, Nicola McFadden and Community Coach of Nicola McFadden – Nikimac.

Discover the story behind the scene as what inspired her to write her bestseller book series, Rebound Faith: Chayah. Chayah (pronounced khaw-yaw) is a Hebrew word and means “to live!”

A must watch to be empowered, inspired and motivated to see your setbacks and roadblocks as building blocks to your massive comeback!

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