Rebound Faith

A Spiritual Empowerment and Life Transformation Series

Rebound Faith: CHAYAH is a unique book series with three volumes (Volume 1, 2, 3) plus the Full Volume for you to live victoriously, righteously, prosperously and zealously.

The Hebrew word, CHAYAH pronounced ‘khaw-yaw' is rich in its definition and means to live, to revive, surely be whole, to be quicken to live, to be restored to life/health, to rebound from every defeat, disaster, disease, depression, discouragement, disappointment, debt, drama, divorce, devastation, destruction, and even death!

Overcoming a problematic situation may seem almost impossible to do, especially when you’re going through that difficult situation yourself.

Nicola McFadden is a woman who is persistently hungry for happiness and success. She is now happy in her life and successful in her career. However, it doesn’t mean, however, that she stopped striving for more. It motivates her, even more, to continuously keep working on herself and helping others.

Nicola never had it easy. She never had everything she just handed to her in a blink of an eye. She’s had to work hard for everything that she’s achieved in her life; not only as an adult but as a child as well. Nicola’s story began when she was a child living with her mother, brothers, and eventually her stepfather. Her mother had a tough time taking care of herself and her children. Living in a tiny two-room house in Jamaica was an incredible upgrade for the family. Nicola’s schooling and troubled relationship with her stepfather didn’t make the situation any easier either.

Nicola didn’t let these pitfalls and downfalls from wanting more for herself. She eventually was accepted to her Master’s Degree despite almost having to drop about because of financial difficulties. Through hard work and determination, however, Nicola was able to achieve the impossible in her world. She graduated from her Master’s Program, purchased her own home, and supported her family the way she always wanted to.

Nicola found love and had a baby, a son. It was the happiest time of her life. Sadly, the happiness didn’t last; the relationship became abusive, and she finally dared to leave that relationship behind her. Nicola became determined to make a better life for herself and her son; that’s why moving to Canada seemed like the best option for Nicola. She eventually did just that; she moved to Canada with her 8-month old son.

Nicola found love again, got married and had her second son. Nicola, still, she thought, she got her happily ever after; and yet, she was disappointed. Her divorce caused Nicola to fall into a situational depression. Nicola lost everything; including her family, her friends, her career, her home, and her finances. Then she turned to God. Believing in God and her faith made her trust herself again. It made her confident that she could survive, revive and thrive to reach the impossible; just like she did before.

On November 20th, 2011, a new business venture was born. It was called Nikimac Solutions Inc. When Nicola founded the company, her vision was simple: to provide up and coming businesses consultation services. As time went on, Nikimac Solutions Inc. became something more than just a consulting business. It has helped the up-and-coming in its unique way; inspiring, influencing, impacting, and implementing changes globally.

This book was inspired by the rebound faith story of Nicola McFadden. A testimony of believing in God and having faith helps you achieve the impossible, even when you don’t think that it’s possible. In this book, Nicola shares her story of pain, loss, and suffering, and the grace of God to bring innovation out of devastation. Nicola shares the power of faith, and how it can strengthen one’s life path. Nicola shares the techniques and principles for you to rebound and "really' live (chayah).

A story of how one’s story of struggle and journey to happiness can help another person believe in the impossible all over again. Believe in yourself, in God, in Faith; and you will conquer the world.

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God did for Nicola, and He will do even more significant for you!

So, now it is your turn!

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Rebound and 'really' live!